Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Made from herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots steeped in hot water, herbal teas have lower concentrations of antioxidants than green, white, black, and oolong teas. Their chemical compositions vary widely depending on the plant used.  

Herbal tea is a boon to mankind as it provides specific benefits-including digestion, detoxification and weight loss. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, it not only makes your body healthy but also helps in relaxing, recovery and refreshing your mind.  

Here are some benefits that this miraculous drink provide us:-


  • Anti Ageing   

Antioxidants found in herbal tea helps in slowing down ageing . This makes your skin look flawless and younger.  

  • Aids In Digestion  

A cup of herbal tea after meals helps in digesting your food easily. Herbal tea is rich in spearmint that smoothens the digestive system and acts as an appetite suppressant, reducing the urge to overeat.  

  • Reduce Inflammation  

The herbal teas contain anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve everything from gastrointestinal distress and arthritis to headaches and hemorrhoids. Herbal teas like peppermint, ginger, turmeric, and eucalyptus teas are great for inflammatory problems.  

  • Weight Loss  

Herbal tea rich in functional ingredients like psyllium husk, fennel, and lemongrass helps you to burn fats and also helps in boosting metabolism.  

  • Boost Immune System  

The antioxidants and vitamins found in herbal teas are great for helping fight disease and infections, protect against oxidative stress and lower the risk of chronic disease. Some of the best immune-boosting herbal teas are elderberry, echinacea, ginger, and liquorice root tea.  

  • Anti-nausea  

For people who regularly suffer from nausea and vomiting, herbal teas will work magically for them. Because provides almost instant relief from nausea  

  • Relieve Stress  

Herbal tea like chamomile tea is best to release stress and treat insomnia. It also soothes the mind and releases chemicals in the brain that fight stress and depression.  

  • Other Benefits   

Herbal teas also help in keeping off cold & flu. It also helps in bringing peaceful sleep, lowering bad cholesterol & in some cases fighting cancer

   Herbal Tea Varieties Include:  

  • Ginger  
  • Ginseng  
  • Hibiscus  
  • Jasmine  
  • Rosehip  
  • Mint  
  • Chamomile  
  • Echinacea  
  • Liquorice root tea  
  • Lemongrass   
  • Peppermint  
  • Turmeric   
  • Eucalyptus tea 

Many spices such as fennel, black carom, cumin, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, black pepper, cardamom can also be used to prepare herbal teas.

Inch Loss vs Weight Loss

A healthy weight loss plan includes both diet and exercise. Exercising regularly helps you burn calories, tone loose muscles, and gain muscle mass. However, there are times when you might feel like you have dropped a dress size, but still, the weighing scale shows the same number. This does not mean you are doing something wrong or have not lost weight. You have lost your inches and are on your way towards achieving your weight loss goal.

What’s the difference? 

Inch loss means losing inches from around typical areas of fat storage like the waist, hips, and thighs. When you lose fat, you will first notice changes in these specific body parts. High waist circumference is due to excess fat accumulation, which can affect your heart and other organs, increasing the risk of heart attack and type 2 diabetes.

When you are performing strength training exercises, you not only lose fat but start gaining muscle mass. Muscles are compact and firm, but fat is not. This is the reason why you might have lost inches from your midsection, but the changes are not visible on the scale.

This does not mean your weight loss program has failed. In fact, inch loss is considered a healthier way of losing weight. If you only want to lose weight, rather than building muscles then focus on cardiovascular exercise instead of strength training.

Which is better?

Accordingly, inch loss or fat loss is considered better than weight loss because there is:

-Increased metabolism

– Increase body strength & fitness level

-Reduced risk of diseases

-Decrease in fat percentage & not muscle mass

– Delayed aging

The right way to measure your weight 

If you aim to get healthy and fit, then don’t depend on your weighing scale. It is not the absolute way to determine the ideal weight as per your height and age. Measuring the Body Mass Index(BMI), waist-to-height ratio, body fat percentage, and waist-to-hip ratio are more appropriate ways to know your healthy weight.

In Weight loss, you are just losing weight and nothing more but in inch loss, you are losing fat from the body and building muscle.

Weight loss may lead to loss of muscle mass, which can cause a rebound effect & lead to weight gain. Also, this indicates that your metabolism has slowed.. which can lead to weight gain in the future.

Thus Your focus should be on attaining a healthy weight and not just losing weight. It is a common misconception that thin people are healthy, but it is not true. Loss of inches is a sign that your exercise and diet plan is working perfectly.

Can We Have Regular Tea If We Want To Lose Weight?

People around the world drink tea. Hundreds of varieties exist, from white to black and green to oolong. They all naturally have high amounts of health-promoting substances called flavonoids. So they’re thought to bring down inflammation and help protect against conditions like heart diseases & diabetes.

But Can It Also Help You Lose Weight?

A cup of this brew each day isn’t likely to get you back into your skinny jeans. But some research suggests tea may help you lose a very small amount of weight when you pair it with a sensible diet and exercise.

Teas have a type of flavonoid called catechins that may boost metabolism and help your body break down fats more quickly. And the caffeine in many teas increases your energy use, causing your body to burn more calories. These two compounds probably work best together for any weight loss that may occur.

Once you’ve lost weight, tea could help you keep it off by preventing the metabolism slowdown that’s common after dropping a few pounds. All tea types come from the same leaves-Camellia Sinensis. But the leaves are processed in different ways and each tea is a little different.

Black Tea:

It’s fermented. A process that allows it to change chemically and often increases its caffeine content. The tea has a strong, rich flavor. Substances called polyphenols in black tea might help block fat from being absorbed in the intestines.

• Watch what you pour into your tea, though. Drinking black tea the English way with milk & sugar might curb its fat-blocking abilities. And rather can lead to weight gain

.• Also try to limit your tea intake throughout the day

Green Tea:

Green tea usually isn’t fermented. The leaves are simply steamed and then crushed by hand. It’s especially high in the most potent type of catechin, called EGCG. This when combined with the right kind of exercise & diet leads to weight loss.

• Make sure to avoid sugar along with green tea

Oolong Tea:

This tea is made by drying tea leaves in the hot sun. Like green tea, it’s a rich source of catechins. In one study, more than two-thirds of overweight people who drank oolong tea every day for six weeks lost more than 2 pounds and trimmed belly fat.

White Tea:

This tea is the least processed, and it has a light, sweet flavor. One laboratory study showed white tea sped up the breakdown of existing fat cells and blocked the formation of new ones.

Final Word

If you like a cup of tea with your morning toast or afternoon snack or on its own, enjoy it. It’s safe to drink as long as the caffeine doesn’t make you jumpy. And it may even help protect against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. A few cups of daily tea might even give you a slight push toward your weight-loss goals. Just don’t expect miracles to come in a teacup. Real weight loss requires a whole lifestyle approach that includes diet changes and activity. Completely avoid white & processed sugar in your tea. You can add jaggery instead.

How to lose weight

Losing weight & having a fit body is a dream for most people. A fit & healthy body not only makes one attractive but also boosts your energy levels. A well-balanced meal & dedicated exercise regimen is a must to attain a healthy self. However, there are some other factors which can help you in losing weight. These are :

  • Avoid sugary drinks such as colas, soda, canned beverages etc. They are the biggest contributor to obesity.
  • Drink green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants called catechins which help in burning fat.
  • Hide unhealthy food away from the kitchen shelf. Because out of sight is out of mind.When you don’t see unhealthy food items you don’t crave for them.
  • Brushing your teeth more often also helps in curbing cravings
  • Laugh more often as it helps in burning more calories.
  • Drink lots of water. Drinking more water fastens up the fat burning process. It boosts metabolism by 30 %.
  • Try to do a 2.5-minute intense workout daily. It also increases your metabolism
  • Eat less but more often, it decreases your cholesterol by 15 % & insulin levels by 20 %
  • Limit your screen time before sleep because the blue light produced from the gadgets hinder your sleep. Research says that your sleep & metabolism are closely connected.
  • Stop focusing on calories & start concentrating on the quality of food as all calories are not the same
  • Get rid of stress. It slows down your metabolism. When stressed we crave for greasy & sugary foods. Try to manage your stress through yoga, meditation, etc
  • Try to go outdoors daily for 20 minutes. Take sunlight daily.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Taking 6-8 hours of deep sleep helps in the growth & recovery of the body. It improves your metabolism to a great extent & helps you lose belly fat.