Water is an essential basic constituent of all living organisms and sunlight is our main source of energy. Sunlight is the main element from which all physical life originates and is energized. Thus, water and sunlight are critical components of biological function. The water we get these days remains caught in plastic tanks & rustic pipes. As a result, it loses all its life & turns out to be dead water. In addition, we store it in plastic bottles, refrigerators, etc.  

When sunlight falls upon water, it changes its molecular structure to convert it from DEAD WATER to LIVING WATER. At the point when we expend this sun-charged water, a similar life power is moved into our body and is utilized to heal our tissues & cells.  

What is sun charged water?  

When water absorbs the sunlight, it develops a charge from the sunlight. Sun-charging water brings life back to the water after it loses its aliveness. The UV rays in the sunlight can tear apart the microbes to make water safe. Light and heat oxidizes the water and infuses the water with natural benefits from the Sun and Earth.  

Benefits of sun charged water  

The most commonly reported benefit of drinking this water is increased energy.  Other benefits include an overall sense of well-being or rejuvenation.Here is the list:  

  • Increased energy  
  • Rejuvenated feelings and Sense of well-being  
  • Heals damages at the cellular level  
  • Clears Urine and makes the inner body more alkaline  
  • Help support or speed heal skin conditions  
  • Can Be used for an eyewash  
  • Can Be used for anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial purposes  
  • Make skin much clearer  

How to make sun charged water?  

  • Pour drinkable water in a shallow earthen pot or glass container with a broad surface area (avoid plastic container)  
  • Place the pot outside (on bare earth or rock or on cement) in direct sunlight. Do not place it on the grass.  
  • Cover the pot with a thin muslin cloth to prevent dirt from entering the water. Tie the cloth to the pot using a rope or string.  
  • Keep the container as it is in direct sunlight for around 5-7 hours. Prefer keeping it in the morning at around 7-8 AM.  
  • Collect the water in your water dispenser and drink within 24 hours. (Do not refrigerate)  

Tips to use sun charged water:  

  • Always have a container of water being sun-charged outside.  
  • During winter months, to avoid freezing and cracking the glass containers, place the container inside the home on a windowsill that gathers the most direct sunlight.
  • Use sun-charged water for house plants and pets.
  • Avoid the use of colored glass containers.  

In conclusion, Sun Charged Water has a power of healing whether applied directly on skin or intake by drinking. The Solarized water is still water, an increase in my Vitamin D levels, consuming can provide astonishing results.

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