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Who We Are?

Fitness 365 Days aims that you focus on your health all 365 days of the year. Fitness cannot be achieved when you decide to go for a short-term diet plan or exercising rigorously for a few days. Fitness can be achieved when you work on yourself each single day all 365 days of the year. And that's exactly what we train you for.

Sakshi Khattar

Why People Love Us?

Why people love our diets, not just in India, but from abroad as well:

Who should try our diets?

What all diets we give?

Our Mission

Nine out of 10 people today are popping up pills for conditions like headache, stomachache, gas, acidity, constipation and the like. These pills give you temporary relief but don't address the root cause. Also, these medicines have side-effects on your body for which you take more medicines and the cycle goes on. How about if we could treat all these symptoms with diet along with simple lifestyle changes?

Our focus is definitely to help you lose weight the healthy way without any side effects. But what we also focus on is to help you decrease your medicines' intake if at all, and gradually take you off medicines. We work on your lifestyle changes so that we can address the root cause of your problems and help you heal faster. So you not just lose weight with our diets but also heal yourself in the process.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

What Our Clients Say:

β€” Supriya   (Banglore, India)

Dear Ms. Sakshi Arora, Thank you so much for your guidance and the flavorful diet you have given me( Ghar ka khana 😊) I just wanted to tell you I was very worried about my post-pregnancy weight as a nursing mother. I was always thinking about what would happen if πŸ€”I would’ve done dieting but after watching some videos that fitness 365days posted, I took the diet plan and I am thankful to you who helped me in my motherhood journey as I lost 3 Kg in just one month without any side effects. Love you and keep in touch...

β€” Aisha Country  ( Dubai )

Thankyou soo much Namrata & Fitness 365 Days, now my periods time go smoothly, i haven't experienced any pain due to fibroids since 2 months from the time i'm following your plan, gave recommendation, is a renewal client. Namrata, you really motivate me always.

β€” Simran Balani

Lost 4.3 kgs within 2 diet plans, thank you ma'am my family members are complimenting me for my weight loss, i feel motivated, now i'm able to sleep properly.

β€” Kusum Suri

Lost 3 kgs uptill now, my acidity is gone which was there from past so many years. Now i don't face gastric issues. I am v.much satisfied with your diet plan & guidance.

β€” Neeru Bala

Ma'am mein phle se zyada active ho gyi hu, zyada irritate bhi nhi hoti aur sabse achi baat ki mujhe neend aane lagi hai, ab zyada ocerthink bhi nhi krti. Bas mera stomach kum nhi hota ma'am.

β€” Pallvi Choudhary

Is a 4 month client. Lost 2.5 kgs within 2 plans. Ma'am your diet plan has really got good results. I used to get highly irritated on small issues, now it has improved, mood swings have improved, constipation problem solved, fatigue problem resolved, feels v. light throughout. I would like to go further with your diet plans di, after completion of this diet plan.

β€” Sukhwinder Aulakh

Dear Dr Sakshi Arora, I had a lovely experience with you, too kind a person, would always answer queries, even if asked ten times in a day,was helpful in guiding what is best for my health.I am very thankful to the child, as this was my first experience of taking nutritious diet to stay fit...& It worked.Definitely happy with the diet & I did lose some weight, i did lose 2 kgs in 20 days... Thanks to Fitness 365 days, who have been giving a healthy diet to stay fit & yet not to starve. My honest confession...this is my first experience.i am a 56 year old person, so it's difficult to get convinced, but you were always explaining everything with logic & making aware of what is good & what is not. Thank you so much πŸ₯°

β€” Gurmeet

I'm glad to find Fitness365Days to change my lifestyle. N more happy to meet my dietitian dr sakshi . She is amazing in her work always ready to guide me when ever i need . She alway take care of my food choices. And always watch my daily routine by whatsapp image. And always guide me when i was travelling. What to eat or not. And whenever I stuck to losing weight she always said β€˜no worry mam ho jayega i ' m here to help u’ u don’t worry β˜ΊοΈβ€™ she is such a darling. I ❀️u dr sakshi mam. Thanks Fitness365Days team tooπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

β€” Jyoti

Thank u Sakshi for helping me out in my weight loss journey. U have been of immense help and support just like family who really cares for me. Your tips and diet plans were easy to follow and not that typical extreme diet plan types which are usually offered by other dietitians. U r on top of my list for referring to anyone looking for weight loss or keeping themselves fit. Love all the way ❀️

β€” Monika

Thank u Sakshi for helping me out in my weight loss journey. U have been of immense help and support just like family who really cares for me. Your tips and diet plans were easy to follow and not that typical extreme diet plan types which are usually offered by other dietitians. U r on top of my list for referring to anyone looking for weight loss or keeping themselves fit. Love all the way ❀️

β€” Parmeet

Maine 2 months mein 8 kgs reduce kiya h.Meri dietitian ne meri need aur schedule ke hisaab se mujhe diet plan diya aur exercise bhi btayi, bas usko follow krke mein itna wt. Loss kar ski hu.vo mera regular review leti thi ki mein follow kar pa rhi hu ya nhi, unke support se mujhe motivation milta rha, aur mein strictly follow kar payi. Mujhe wt k karan bhut gussa aata tha, but ab mera self confidence bad gya h, compliments milte h sabse. Thankyou Namrata & fitness 365 days.

β€” Khyati Divesh Oza

One more feedback, i want to give you mam, i.e, my mother is also taking a diet from Dt. Sakshi Arora, she is very much happy because she is suffering from heartburn acidity and doctors also prescribe her medication to cure that problem but it won’t work then my mom gets motivated from me and I start her diet with fitness 365 days the same with Dt. Sakshi Aroro mam and I really thankful to her. She is gaving such an amazing diet within 1month my mother acidity problem gone still she is taking diet and very happy to say that Dt. Sakshi Khattar mam is doing such a wonderful job and she is truly a good example of a Dietician. Feeling lucky to be a part of fitness 365 days and huge thanks to mam for providing such an encouraging, motivated, knowledgeable and friendly behavior Dietician to me. Thank you so much team fitness365 days. πŸ™πŸ™ πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ™

β€” Manjit Kaur

My journey with Fitness365 has been amazing...My dietitian was like a pillar of support...I lost around 9 kgs in 6 months only because of her able time I lost hope on myself because of the pandemic situation but she was always there enquiring about my health,my diet my exercise routines...she was always there...the diet routine also taught me how we could actually lose weight by having proper food diet and at the right time...Lots of love and regards!

β€” Aditi

I would like to thank Team Fitness 365 days & especially my dietitian for her support & guidance through these 90 days. She was always there to answer my queries at any time of the day. I learned a lot about healthy eating habits, which combination of food are good to eat & which to avoid & basically how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have been able to eat almost all my favorite foods but keeping a portion in control & balancing the rest of the meals to keep my weight on track. Didn't seem like I was on a diet. I am not a person who is too involved in physical training or exercise. I just walk at my own pace 4-5 times a week. With the help of a personalized diet plan from Fitness 365 days & guidance from my dietitian, I lost 7 kgs in 90 days. And yes I have been eating out as well a couple of times & even there my dietitian has been there to guide me on how to choose from the menu & still keep my meals balanced & weight on track. They even guide you on how to come back on track if you happen to eat out of the plan sometimes. I would definitely recommend a personalized diet plan from Fitness 365 days for all those who want to lose weight & make a permanent change towards a healthy lifestyle. I don't live in India but had no issues following the diet plan. It was made after discussing with me according to my needs & things available in my country. Thank you once again Team Fitness 365 days, Thank you for everything Sakshi πŸ™ Stay blessed ❀

β€” Tasneem

Hi, Good Morning! April 2020, I entered the teenage group means turned 13 Yr old, When anyone says diet, I used to fear they will ask me to stop all the food that I love. But now I’m in love with the diets that I get from her.! She never stopped me from eating I enjoyed every part of the dieting plan as there were different varieties of food in the plan, I was thinking that I can't lose the weight, She takes regular follow-ups on WhatsApp and motivates me, I lose 13 Kgs since I joined Fitness365days, In short, I am very comfortable with my dietician, she is nice and supportive, apart than diet plan she motivates me a lot, Regards,

β€” Arisha Iqubal

Dietician Sakshi Khattar and her team is highly responsive to my queries and are very knowledgeable. My dietician Abha, she is approachable and guided me through alternative options during that time when I was unable to follow my diet, and sometimes she has told me the recipes that I couldn't find on youtube. she followed up with me regularly and kept me motivated even when I used to lose hope. I feel great with the diet that they recommend. I have reduced 6 Kg within 3 Months in a healthy way, without hurting my body. It is not just reducing the weight, it also helped me to change my lifestyle. I am very thankful for team fitness 365 days.

β€” Neetu

Main Fitness 365 ki bohat shukraguzaar hu. Meri beti inhe follow karti hai aur usine mujhe prerit kia ke main inke diet plan follow karu. Uski baat maani aur maine inse customized diet plan liye, aur maine 3 months me 6-7 kgs reduce kiya. Meri dietician Sakshi Arora aur Khushboo Jain ko bohat bohat thank you. Unhone meri requirements ko bohat acche se samjha aur bohat helpful rahe is weight loss journey me. Kudos to Sakshi Khattar & Fitness 365 team.

β€” Shashi Goyal

We had a long journey together and in spite of all my glitches for changes in weight, you cooperate with me and make me calm every time. Even in most adverse conditions, you boosted me up and just because I was able to reduce 10 kg. You always supported me as my big sister and guided me whenever required. Sometimes you are strict also but that's all because of me. Without any frustrations, you always helped me and keep my spirits up to reduce my weight. Bade waala Thanks to me for changing my life. It was a nice journey with fitness 365 as the diet plans are so easy to follow and even include rice and ghee. Even after consuming this diet, I lost a big weight from my body. Thanks again Fitness 365 team and Sakshi ma'am for your continuous guidance through videos and talks.

β€” Shilpa Bhatia

Hii I m Puneet Kakkar I just want to say, I'm very much satisfied with the diet plan made by the dietician Miss Shaily Chopra, and I lose my weight very fastly. Thanks to miss Sakshi Khattar who appoint the best dietician for me who always help me for making an easy diet plan, which I followed and she also gives proper guidance about the diet plan.

β€” Puneet Kakkar

I lost my 5 kg weight in one month. I am grateful thanks for the Avantika mam she helps me a lot in my diet, she recommends me each and everything in a proper way as well I never feel hungry and feel active all the days by having diet. She provides a number of food in the diet which is very delicious and she is always available for me whenever I ask any quarry related to my diet moreover. She solved my constipation problems thank you so much fitness365days Sakshi mam and my diet coach (Avantika mam).

β€” Pooja Sharma

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